“I love working with Miranda and Ian (and Sophie). They are consummate professionals, and make everything very easy, from planning, to cooking, to delivery – and the often neglected clear down. They also (obviously) produce excellent food, both to admire, and to eat.”

“I have known Miranda for 15 years now and have always enjoyed working with her in a professional capacity.  She is organised and passionate about her trade and is very knowledgeable.  When I was asked to put a team together by Dr Annie Gray for a historic food project for the BBC, Miranda was the first person I thought of who’d be more than capable of delivering such a task.  Miranda was faultless and thorough in her research and her technical ability always shines through.”

“Miranda Godfrey is an incredibly experienced chef and teacher with almost 30 years experience in the business, designing and leading culinary courses in some of the best cookery schools in the country. I had the pleasure of working with her when doing cookery demonstrations at Westminster Kingsway College and would highly recommend her.”