Project Description

English Heritage

I have now finished testing the recipes for a cookery and history book for English Heritage, to tie in with their successful ‘Victorian Way’ videos.

The videos were originally made to drive visitors to Audley End House, and to support their aims of public engagement, but have since become a small phenomenon in the UK and America.

The cook who features in them, Avis Crocombe, was the genuine cook at the house in 1881, and had been portrayed as a costumed character there since 2008. In 2009, Avis’s many greats-nephew donated her manuscript cookbook to English Heritage – it’s an incredibly rare survival, not in itself, but because it is fully provenanced. The concept of the book is to both publish some of her recipes, and also to fill in some of the gaps so that it will form a relatively rounded Victorian cookery book, complete with contextualising essays, both for Avis fans, and general history readers.

The recipes have now been thoroughly tested and professionally photographed. Ian Sutton and I have had the pleasure of making and adapting these recipes for the modern day cook! Publication date coming soon !

Photo gallery coming soon!