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INSIDE THE SAVOY: London’s Most Famous Hotel

Staff and students from Westminster Kingsway College have been TV and online stars recently, with Chef Lecturer Miranda Godfrey lending her expertise to a Channel 5 documentary, and Head of Faculty for Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Business, Terry Tinton blogging about our unique Young Chef’s AcademySaturday school.

College featured in Channel 5 documentary

Westminster Kingsway’s highly-regarded School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts in Victoria was co-founded over 100 years ago by the French culinary legend Auguste Escoffier.  Before he helped create our culinary school, Escoffier had been drafted in by world-famous Hotelier Cesar Ritz to improve the kitchens and the quality of the food served in his new Savoy hotel in London. Escoffier introduced a military-style discipline and allocation of roles to the Savoy – transforming the kitchens (and the Savoy’s fortunes) and laying the foundations for the way pretty much all modern restaurant kitchens work today.

The Channel 5 series Inside The Savoy: London’s Most Famous Hotel, pays tribute to Escoffier’s role in revolutionizing the Savoy’s dining experience and for the programme the programme makers interviewed Westminster Kingsway Chef Lecturer Miranda Godfrey and filmed our students in action at our School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

Miranda has known food historian Dr Annie Gray – who also features in the Channel 5 programme – for about a year, since they collaborated on a BBC Two programme about Queen Victoria’s wedding to Prince Albert.  Miranda told us: “Annie recommended they [the programme makers] come and film me and students. At that point the producer didn’t know the association of Escoffier with the college, so they were very keen to get this included.

“It’s all very exciting as I have learnt so much, but also been able to include students and enhance their knowledge of culinary history.”

You can still watch the whole programme here on Channel 5’s catch-up service– the part that features Auguste Escoffier, Miranda and the college starts at 14 mins 30 seconds.